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Business Saving Accounts

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Whether you are looking for instant access, a better way to manage your clients' money or to invest a lump sum, we have a range of savings accounts to meet your needs. 

Savings accounts that are simple and straight forward

Ideal for businesses with fast-moving cashflow, these accounts help you make the most of your day-to-day surpluses.

Deposit accounts which earn interest at a higher rate when 30 days' notice is given for withdrawals.

For deposits of £10,000 or more

Choose your investment period, typically from overnight to up to three years, and earn a fixed interest rate for the whole period.

If you are able to tie up your cash for 32 Days or more, we can offer a more competitive rate.

A term deposit which gives you the fixed interest rate benefits of a 12 month term, but gives you the peace of mind that during the term, you can access 20% of your funds if you need it.