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Loans & Finance

Loans and finance. Find the finance solution that's right for you.

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Lloyds Bank Funding for Lending

Up to 1% interest rate reduction on business loans, commercial mortgages and hire purchase
As part of Lloyds Bank’s participation in the Funding for Lending Scheme, we have reduced the interest rate by up to 1% on all approved business loan, commercial mortgage and hire purchase applications received after the 10th September 2012.

Reducing the borrowing costs for small and medium-sized businesses is just one way we’re going further to help our customers, and Britain, prosper. 
More about Lloyds Bank Funding for Lending.

Business Loans & overdrafts

Business loans
Has your business reached the point where you want to think bigger? Are you thinking about growing your business, or making a large equipment purchase? We have a range of loans to suit your business needs. 
Find out more about Business loans.


We are committed to helping our customers find and apply for the right finance for their business; offering clear and fair lending terms; and making i


Business overdraft 

If your business needs to dip in and out of extra funds at short notice, you can pre-arrange flexible funding in the form of an overdraft. You can agree a limit and interest rate upfront, so you’ll always know where you stand. 
Find out more about Overdrafts.

Enquire about a business overdraft


Enterprise Finance Guarantee 
The Enterprise Finance Guarantee enables small businesses with a workable business proposal, but lacking sufficient security, to borrow money from approved lenders and supports both new lending and the ability to free up existing overdraft facilities. 
Find out more about Enterprise Finance Guarantee


Regional Growth Fund - Assisted Asset Purchase Scheme 

Lloyds Bank’s Assisted Asset Purchase Scheme enables businesses that meet schemes criteria and want to create/ protect jobs, to obtain a grant towards the purchase of new assets where they would not ordinarily be eligible for Bank funding due to a lack of deposit.

The scheme is supported by the Governments’ Regional Growth Fund (RGF), which is a £2.6 billion fund operating across England.  It supports projects and programmes that are using private sector investment to create economic growth and sustainable employment. 
Find out more about Assisted Asset Purchase Scheme

Investing in property

Commercial mortgage 

Are you looking to buy new premises, or raise capital from an existing property? Talk to us about a commercial mortgage for buying, refurbishing or investing in property.

Find out more about Commercial mortgage.


Residential buy to let mortgage 
If you would like to grow your capital and rental income by extending your property portfolio then our residential buy to let mortgage could be just what you need. 

Find out more about Residential buy to let mortgage


Additional finance options

Hire purchase and leasing
Need to purchase new assets such as vehicles or plant and machinery? Asset Finance provides funding to allow you to purchase assets for your business which can be repaid in regular instalments over the anticipated useful life of the goods. 
Find out more about Hire purchase and leasing


Invoice Finance (Factoring & Invoice Discounting) 
Invoice Finance, also called Invoice Discounting or Factoring, is a flexible way to provide your business with working capital. It can help ease pressure on your cash flow in the case of late customer payments, rapid business expansion or purchases. 
Find out more about Invoice Finance (Factoring & Invoice Discounting)


Trade finance - finance for import & export 

Time delays in receiving payments or when making payments to suppliers due to importing and exporting large volumes can make cash flow harder to manage. Trade finance can help speed up the time it takes for money to go in and out of your business by providing working capital. 
Find out more about Trade finance.


Vehicle Contract Hire 
Whether you have found a vehicle and are looking for funding options, or you want help to source, buy or manage your fleet, we provide options that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. 
Find out more about Vehicle Contract Hire.  

Lending Appeals

Appeals for borrowing. Business finance declined? You can ask for the decision to be reviewed.

As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting UK businesses and improving customer relationships we have clearly defined our appeals process and provided details of how and when you can appeal.


Financial Planning

Careful financial planning provides the foundations for business success. Here you’ll find a selection of great resources - including guides, case studies and links to specialist organisations - all designed to help you build and maintain solid financial foundations for your business.

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Cashflow is the lifeblood of any business and managing it is essential.  This section includes helpful guidance on cashflow management when times are tough.

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Case study

See how Dartmoor Brewery turned to us when they needed help to expand and increase their product range and how the funding that we provided has enabled them to consolidate their position and grow.

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Managing payments

Find out more about ways to raise finance for your business and get helpful, practical guidance on subjects such as VAT and accounting. Most businesses provide credit for their customers. It's how the world of business works. As a result, it's essential that you keep on top of your customer payments - checking when they're due and making sure you receive the right amount.

Find out more
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Finance application checklist

Whether you’re considering applying for borrowing or looking to re-finance existing borrowing, it’s important that we understand the background to your request. This allows us to assess your ability to repay and enables you to choose the most appropriate product to meet your needs.

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Business Planning


The application process

We are focussed on providing a lending application process that allows our customers easy access to our broad selection of lending options.

By providing details of our lending process, and helping you to build your application, we hope that you will be one of the many businesses that we support to financial success.

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Lending appeals

As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting UK businesses and improving customer relationships we have clearly defined our appeals process and provided details of how and when you can appeal.

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Business mentoring

When you're starting up or developing a business, the support and guidance of a trained expert can go a long way. Independent, trained mentors can provide unbiased, friendly support in areas such as international trade, sustainability and marketing - as well as in financial matters.

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Business Mentoring


Better Business Finance

Lloyds Bank is proud to be involved with, a website providing impartial information and support to business customers looking to raise finance. The site also provides details of alternative forms of finance that may be appropriate for your business.

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* 80% relates to the Lloyds Banking Group for the period April 2012 to June 2013.